Saturday, October 25, 2008

Keepin'Em Full!

So last week a Beauty College in town did a
Breast Cancer Awareness
thing called
"Keepin'em Full"

They asked for donations of Bras and $5.
I thought it was a fun idea and
grabbed a nursing bra and
went down there on Friday.

On Monday they had the Bra Raising Ceremony
(I missed that)
but I thought I would snap a few photos of the
bras swaying in the wind.

After my donation I drove through the parking lot and snapped a few photos.
....Closer and Closer....

then under the line of them.

As I twisted around to get a shot

out the window the guy who does the landscape maintnence walked by....

my elbow hit the horn!

"Every One Look At Me!!! I Am Taking Pictures Of Bras!! "

The Landscape guy yells over
"Do you want me to lower it so you can get a better photo??"



The Knappy Crew said...

That is too funny. Honk!!! How silly that they raise the bras. What was the landscape guy thinking?

WatsonFamily said...

I think he works for the beauty collage....I don't know. He had a pink ribbon on his shirt. I did talk to him a little more....He said that they also had a HUGE bra attached to the roof of the building, but it had been stolen in the middle of the night. (It didn't have a Boobie Trap apparently hee hee.)

jenkinsfamliypost said...


Lazenby Family News said...

That is soooo funny lolrof How embarrassing! Like you LIKE bras! I love you and miss you so much. BOOBY TRAP!!! ha ha ha You crack me up! and I LOVE your BRAS! Now which one is yours?? Horn Honking!!!! Love, Mom

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

That's funny Bree! I think you are the only person who would take pictures of bras but then be embarressed when you thought people SAW you taking pictures of bras!
funny funny funny

Diane Watson said...

That is a funny story, I can just imagine all the bras blowing in the wind. Reminds me of the teenage boy next door that got their house toilet papered, they put bras along with the toilet paper and plastic forks on the lawn, all over the place, that must be something "new" bras all over the lawn, go figure, what a site!