Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Babies are Sick (and I may be sick in the head)

It is so hard when my babies are sick. It scares me.....what the heck do I do....aaccckkk! When they are awake so am I. When they are asleep....I am not. I am checking on them....are they breathing..?ok....are they sleeping in barf...? no, ok.

Oy Vey, I say.

So you all know Jane is very....active. Well, when she does not feel well, you can tell. Honestly, I would be completely happy with her at her craziest then with her sick and lethargic.
Breaks my heart!

So I am sure lots of you talk to inadament objects. Right? We used to with our Oldsmobile (under)Achivea. It was a piece of "tin" (hee hee). We called it The Ca-Car. I think it hated us!
We love our Razorwagon....our Focus.
It is a great car....it loves us.

So, my inadament object today...the turle-neck I bought last night. I have not talked to it, but I do believe that if it could speak, it would be saying:

"Why, oh why did you buy me?
I have been such a good turtle-neck.
I never caused any problems.
Why would you punish me this way?
There were so many others there,
you just had to come over
and grab me from the bottom of the pile.
I have been in your home for 13 hours
and already I have been pulled from my sleep,
then slept in!
Sneezed on...
Dude, Gross
Then some NASTY unnatural green baby poop.
And you thought baby wipes would take care of that?!
Then I got barfed on!
Don't worry about me!

Oh, finally you put me in the washing machine....woohoo!
But then...
Oh no, hold your horses,
don't put me in here...
with the sheet with barf on it!
And the footie PJs with the NASTY unnatural green poop!
How dare you!
Oh, for the love of all that is good!
Why, oh why did you pick me?!"

I think I should go and buy one in each color
Muahh ha ha ha ha ha!


Steph said...

(except the part about your kids being sick of course)

Jeanne said...

my sides are aching from laughing so hard. you are too funny!

Larin said...

You are funny Bree. I doubt that shirt thinks that at. I wish I could be at your house and see your cute babes. I miss them so much. I want to just hang out with you and visit.
Just give that shirt some time......she will love your house soon.( :

Sisters Produce said...

Bree that is so darn funny. I love the story from the turtle neck.
I miss you so much.I am so sorry that your baby's are sick. Not fun.