Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Should Not Tend to the Things of the World

In April I attended a wonderful Relief Society meeting in the North Little Rock Stake. The Memphis, Tennessee Temple President said in his talk that we should not tend to the things of the world. We do not drink coffee, we should not call it a "coffee table". Why not call it a "prayer table"? A place in the home where a family can meet for family prayer. I loved that idea.....so I was on the lookout for a "prayer table" for my family.

I was so excited when I found one at Goodwill for $6!!!! I brought it home and began brainstorming paint colors. I was worried also that the kids would color on it and destroy the paint and I thought of chalkboard paint. Knowing they would love that! And then I thought about using it to write the names of those who have asked for prayers said for them.....It works great and we are more thoughtful about those that need healing and we leave the names there and add to the list as needed.

So, I thought I would share our Family Prayer Table.

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