Monday, June 15, 2009

Any Ideas on What Happened Here?

Charlie had just gotten out of the pool and was out of his wet clothes.
I went to the car to get a diaper and he stood at the door gate.
people are driving by in front of the house
after dropping their water bill at city hall.
I get back to the house with the diaper
to find that Charlie had stood at the gate and peed.....
I am sure the people saw this lovely display.
Way to
Charlie for not peeing in the house!


Lazenby Family News said...

hahahaha....true wellman

jenkinsfamliypost said...

got to love a little boy. he will always want to go pee out side now. you should see dean and dallin they still love it.

Laurel said...

How funny! I've never run into this problem before, thankgoodness:) (Is it because I have all girls?) HA!

Lorrie said...

Saw your comment on another post...we'll be looking for the pirates here in Ventura County...I live in Oxnard.... aaarrrrgghhh! You have to check out our pirate beach playground...on the good side of town...just go down Harbor from Ventura and it's on your right before Mandalay Bay Road....'s cute and fun!