Monday, May 11, 2009


Sorry that the photos bug you Marnie!
I stopped sending them to Dad, He would get mad at me.
I am glad I am not like that all of the time.
But I am ready to be done.

So I was going dairy-free for almost a week
and then last Wednesday
I had some whipped cream (oops...I meant Cream Cheese) on some sourdough bread.
Yeah, I paid for that for 3 days.
I haven't had any since and I haven't taken
any of the histamine blockers since Friday.
I have 3 hives on my left wrist and four or five spots on each leg....
that is a huge improvement.
I will be shocked if it is not milk!

I am I type :) for a phone call from the allergist,
whom I hope has some results for me.
Even still the results may still not show milk allergy
and that a food elimination with be the only way to know for sure.
I am pretty darn sure it is milk.
One good thing is that this will be a great diet for me.
No pizza, no chocolate (aahh), no sour cream and no fast food.... I have lost 3 pounds already.
The Hives, swelling and coughing that I get as the reaction will keep me on this diet.:)

I called the Metabolic Research Center diet place in
Fort Smith because I still have some maintenance time til October.
I started it in October and I was doing pretty good.
Almost down 20 pounds when the hives broke out on Christmas Eve.
I went in to the office with a note from my Dr. office saying that I should stop.
Well they told me that they didn't think that
there was anything within my Diet that could cause these symptoms.
I stopped anyway.
Well with my phone call in Friday I asked if they
had any food menus that were dairy-free.
He said that he would have to look for me.
I told him that I wouldn't be able to do
any of the Protein drinks if they had any milk products.
He then said
"Oh, well the protein drink is mainly made-up of whey protein from milk."
Well geesh!
That may explain a WHOLE freakin' lot!
They need to know, and I will probably call and let them know that in the futre, don't encourage someone to continue the program when this kind of problem arises.

So, I will up-date here when I get my up-date from them. Check back....hopefully soon. :)

Okay, just got the call.....the Dr. will be calling me tomorrow.
One more day.

Check back tomorrow.


Sisters Produce said...

dab nag it! that is a bummer. that is crazy about the whipped cream. it will be an adjustment for you not to have milk. at least dad could take a pill and still indulge in a craving.
but if it means that you will feel fix then things will be ok!
i love you.

jenkinsfamliypost said...

anything yet??????????? no cal??????
whats up?

Lazenby Family News said...

I didn't hear from you today. I did have songs in my ears a lot of the time. thanks for visiting my blog. I put pictures up of our trip. I know it's boring looking at other people's vacations, but I couldn't help it. B.C. is magnificent! You have to put that place on your list.

Lazenby Family News said...

Have you quit blogging, too. I really can't "get-in" facebook. It makes me sad because I can't help thinking about something. I know I need to look at the here and now, but here and now are so fresh in my mind. Miss you Bree and glad you are better.