Friday, April 3, 2009

Jolly Jump Fun

Here is Jane, conquering the heights.

There are at least 7 huge Jolly Jumps at this place.

There is little Charlie
running around looking for Jane and Daddy
who were in the
green, yellow and gray Jungle Jump ahead.

Photo shown above:
So this shows the slide part....
up there,
way up there by the bright light on the left.
That is where the top of the slide is....
that is pretty freakin' high up.

There is little Charlie again in the photo above.
In this photo you can see the entrance to this monster Jolly Jump.
You crawl in the hole there shown at the bottom left and climb up in the center
(you can see it in the video, I get a shot of it from the top looking down).
Then once you are at the top
you can go to either the left or right to go down a slide.

We went to Jump Zone last night for their Family Night. When we got there, there were a few people there for a birthday party. Then they left and we were the only ones there for about 45 minutes. During that time Chip told me to try the huge slide Jolly Jump. I did and then I wanted to do it again doing video. At the beginning of the video it is dark for a while. That is while I am climbing up the very tight, very dark belly of the beast. I would not have done this if there had been anyone else there. It was fun.


Judi said...

How fun!! It looks like everyone was having fun. I know that in St.George they have something like that. I want to take the boys to it.

Lazenby Family News said...

Oh my gosh, you know what caught my attention tall "gay" jolly jumps. You wrote gray. That seems like my nightmare but Tressa's, Dustin's, Marnie's, Larin's, and Kiely's Dream Place to play. Kiely only if she's babysitting. She's doing that today with Dustin. Everyone has bunny ears on outside. You don't wear bunny ears at "Danger Ranch" I loved loved your pictures and Arkansas is awesome. Special, Special stuff to do. That is Jolly Jump Disneyland for sure. lymi mom