Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Few Pixie Stix Ha Ha I'm a DORK!

Yesterday Jane enjoyed some of her Valentine's Day
candy from Pre-School.
She shared some with me....
the others, I just swiped.
She brought in 2 pixie stix

and said she wanted some water to put them in.
I told her that they don't go in water,
that they are pixie stix
and it is a powder
that goes on your tongue.
She stopped and looked them
and very quietly she said
"Pixie Stix....will it make me fly?"
I say sadly
"No sweetheart they won't make you fly."

Oh the disappointment.

Then today we were getting ready
to do some
watercolor painting for the
Artist Trading Card
mailing she gets to do (more on that later),
and she wanted to do it "Now! Come on!"
"Just a few minutes" I say.
Then she drops her head back and says
"I don't know how to count to 'a few'!"

It was so funny...she got mad when I giggled at her.

I can't help that she's cute.


Judi said...

what does that say?

jenkinsfamliypost said...

that is darling. i love the cute things little kids say. thanks for sharing. i miss you guys so bad. are you better yet?