Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Sweetness From my Sweety

My dear little Jane! She is such a sweet~heart.
She makes me laugh.
She is smart and very curious, always asking questions.

Sometimes though,
she is mischievous.

So here are some things that have happened recently with Jane.

A few nights ago we were all in the Razor-Wagon
(that's our car...
we have found here
that you can put
Razor or Hog
or anything having to do with a
ugly mad pig
on anything and it makes it cool)
(and the car...
oh I mean the Razor-Wagon
has a Hog Tail sticking out of the hatch near the rear bumper)
We were driving along
and Charlie lets out a horrible cry,
the hurt cry.
I ask Jane what had happened
and she does not answer.
She has her hands over her mouth.
I keep asking and all.
Finally she comes clean.
She bit Charlie's finger
(shouldn't it be the other way around..."Charlie Bit Me!")

She felt bad.
That night she crawled into bed by me.
I had just given Charlie a bottle
and I was rolled into a ball at the foot of the bed
when she sat up and smiled
(still asleep)
and said so sweet
"Jesus is blessing me"
and laid back down.
So sweet!
In the morning I asked her what she dreamed about
and she said that she told Jesus sorry
for biting Charlie and he forgives her.
She has been learning about forgiveness lately.
So sweet.

Here is another little story.

On Saturday Chip was gone with the Boy Scouts
on a camp out
(lucky them!)
and he was do home around 4pm.
I totally rearranged the house,
well the bedrooms.
Usually I'll just move things within the room....not this time.
And I love it this way.
Our "old" room works way better
with two small beds than the other room did.
Again, ANYWAY!
So I am working on the house...the process was ugly.
It looked like the rooms and closets barfed.
So I hear Charlie crying again
and I go to check-up on whats goin' down.
he has one of the
Kniffty Knitter
(the red....smaller one)
around his neck.
It is hard plastic and not tight around his neck
but it is tight around his head
and I can't get the dang thing off.
Oh the joys!

I snap a picture of this one:Notice the sippy cup to keep him from hysteria.
Well it worked the thing came off right after I snapped the photo.
Thank goodness!
Well, I told Jane
"Don't ever put this around brother's neck again.
I was worried I was going to have to call the Fire Dept. to come and cut it off."
And Jane says
"Come and CUT his NECK OFF?!??!"
I laughed
and then called my
Dad to tell him about it.

Oh! On the way home from picking Chip up, he says,
"How did it go at home, did you ave a good day?"
and I smiled and snickered.
Then he said,
"Did you rearrange the furniture and paint your toenails?"
He knows me all too well!
I guess I'm a little mischievous myself.

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