Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One Year Ago....


The Knappy Crew said...

OMGsh Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!! He can't be one that is so not ok. I have only seen him once. He has to stay the same as when I saw him and not ever get bigger.
I will let the getting new teeth thing go
I will let crawling slide
but I'll be danged if that baby gets any less baby like before I get to see him again. Darn-it, i have lost all control.

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!
His present is in the mail, from us, Dad, mom, Kiely and the Jenkins. It should be there by Friday. Sorry it's late! We mailed it Monday.

Judi said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Where did the time go? What a cutey he is. I am hoping to see you all in Aug. Is your trip still on or is it to far in advance? We go for R-'s b-day to CA. It was fun having everyone here for Thanksgiving. All of you weer missed.

Sisters Produce said...

I can not believe I was not there when he was born. That is so strange to me. Mother is off her rocker, she has seen home quite a bit, like the LONG drive out when he was a month and then when you were here for a MONTH, and then for the beach house. I know that we all wish we could see him everyday. Hope his birthday was fun. He sure looks like a lot of fun. Love to you all!~~~~~~Marnie