Monday, April 28, 2008

Well, we are have having fun and hangin' in here.


The Knappy Crew said...

this is such a cute blog....wheres the rest?

jenkinsfamliypost said...


Susan & Steve Lazenby said...

Wow! Bree you have a blogspot. You have been working hard. I miss you so much and talking to you! I love you and just want you to know that is a darling name for your blog and it looks wonderful!

Susan & Steve Lazenby said...

Okay! When I saw the trees it was a large view of branches on my tiny space in my email--it's not Blair Witch, it's beautiful!! I miss you so much and you know. This is a really cute site. I'm glad you have it. Love your links and your thoughts! Just absolutely precious to me. lymi Mom

Susan & Steve Lazenby said...

I know, you know, how happy I am that you are almost okay. I was so scared last night. It was perfect that you said you were just going to think about the tornado that evening. Of course, I thought about them both, without your dad here saying it’s going to be fine. I’m so glad the problem you have is not even in your control. It is so strange, now that I think back; maybe that explains why I gained 25 pounds with each kid, even though I was nursing so very much …hmmmm

I’ve been singing all day and couldn’t even take a nap for all the time up, last night. I’m on cloud nine! I’m so thankful. We all prayed for you so much and I know your sisters were in tears with worry! Never think, however to not tell us stuff, because we can become stronger by talking, praying, and holding each other up. Works a bit like the mommy-daddy thing. When someone’s down, there’s the “up-girl”!

This has been the most wonderful day for me and I know for you. Dad did enjoy the fact that he’s older than dirt-aahh, Baskin Robbins, I mean.

Just want you to know that your baby kisses as an skin treatment works for me! Don't I look beautiful? And, I still ask for more!
(That whole story on your blog, just brought tears to my eyes)

I love you and please tell me about the storms. I track them all night—and tell them to go away! Lymi Mom